What's Been Happening?

So two months have passed since my last update (sorry!) but I have been very busy with various things and time has flown by! So what's been going on since May?


It's been moose, moose, moose for a while and we're now at the artwork stage for Mail Order Moose which is great news. It's been a lot of fun to do and it's really coming together. The cover artwork has been approved and we're just tinkering with the type so it stands out on the shelf and it'll be good to go. There's been a few versions of the front cover and I'll post up some cover developments for this very soon. 

Everyone loves colouring in moose! :)

Everyone loves colouring in moose! :)

It's also been a very busy time for parties and book do's. Had a great time catching up with friends at Benji Davies's Grandad's Island book launch and overdosed on watermelon and chewy teeth! :)

Then there was a golden invitation onto a pirate ship for the fab launch of Fred Blunt's Captain Falsebeard. With an inflatable parrot in one hand and some grog in the other, much fun was had that could only be described as 'ARRRRRRRR!!'  Particular mention to my agency Bright Group International for organising such a great shindig and here is Fred himself with some of my fellow landlubbers! :)

I've just signed a very exciting two book deal with a fantastic publisher and I'll be posting this very smelly news soon.

To round everything off I went to the very impressive RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) building on Great Portland street for the Macmillan Summer party. Saw some familiar faces and met some new ones, all in all a lovely evening, many thanks to Macmillan and my editor Laura Roberts for the invite.

So onwards into the rest of the Summer. Coming up I've got Yasmeen's  book launch for I'm a Girl, meetings, the annual Bright Summer Picnic (always a laugh) and then onto France for a well earned break (plus a bit of work on the side plus sun….and wine……….and cheese!)

Oh…..and more moose! :)